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Allow me to guide, facilitate, and mentor you along your healing path.

Intuitive Healing Sessions

Working with me, you could walk away with...

• Relief in your body from aches and pains

• Feeling like a weight has been lifted from your system

• Feelings of joy, freedom, hope

• Feeling grounded, energetic, and strong in your body

• Clarity of your life's path and next steps

• Emotions moving more effectively

• Tools for grounding, releasing energies not your own, and setting energetic boundaries

And so much more!!!



When you see me in person, there is typically a “hands on” portion of the session. We will talk about what's coming up in your life to be addressed in the moment and your intention for the session. Depending on a client's comfort level with touch, the hands on portion can be done fully dressed or undressed, like during a therapeutic massage. With my hands on the body, I'm able to tap into what the body is trying to communicate as well as help to release anything unneeded or no longer serving and to integrate ideas or beliefs that do serve the body.


Typically remote session are done as a video call. I ask clients to be someplace comfortable so they can feel relaxed during the session – either in a comfortable chair or even be able to lay down. Similar to an in-person session, I tap into a client's body “knowing” to see what is coming up to be communicated, released, and integrated. This is done on an energetic level, and is just as powerful as having actual touch.


***I am not a licensed mental health professional. The work I do with clients is commonly in conjunction with the work they are doing with licensed mental health professionals or other healing modalities, such as acupuncture, naturopathic care, or energy healing.

Image by Deniz Altindas

Finding Your  Pathway To Healing & Growth

Here are tools I use during sessions...

• CranioSacral Therapy

• Intuitive reading & channeling

• Energy Healing

• Meditations & Visualizations

• Therapeutic massage


CranioSacral Therapy:

With this gentle touch method, I help the body to correct imbalances and restrictions along the central nervous system that can potentially cause a number of sensory, motor, or neurological issues. I like to think of it as “resetting” the body to be able to use its own natural healing systems for releasing trauma and stress. Using these techniques is the basis for all of my healing sessions with clients, both hands on and remote work.

Intuitive reading & channeling:

I'm able to intuitively tap into what a client is feeling in their body, and then ask the body what messages it has or what it needs. It usually comes through as questions to ask the client, so they can hear the answers come through themselves. Along with this, there may be other energies or beings that join a session – angels, ascended masters, guides, those who have passed over – and I'm able to hear their messages for the session as well. I only work with energies and beings that are there for the highest good of all.

Energy Healing:

I am able to tap into the flow of energy that surrounds and runs through all of living things. By helping to remove obstacles or blocks in the way, it allows the energy to run more effectively through the body. This can be done both with my hands on or off the body.

Meditations & Visualizations:

I may walk a client through a meditation or visualization to help them find a grounded space or teach them an “energy tool” they can do on their own at home.

Therapeutic Massage:

I use techniques from Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, myofascial massage, and Thai massage to help release tension and pain points in the physical body. By opening the physical or fascial channels in the body, there can be better energy flow and release of what is being held in the tissues.

Holding Energetic Space

In this class, you'll learn visualization tools for setting energetic boundaries for yourself and your work space and clients.


If you identify as an empath or highly sensitive, and find yourself

... feeling anxious, scattered, unfocused while working with clients.

... going home feeling exhausted.

... loving your work, but you're feeling overwhelmed by it.

Let me teach you how to energetically prepare your space, so you

... feel centered and grounded in your body.

... can stay present with your clients.

... hold a "safe" container for yourself, your clients, and your work.

This class is 2 hours and currently being held via Zoom. 

If you are an LMT in OR or WA, you earn 2 CEUs for taking this class. 

See the current dates set for this class on the Scheduling page.  

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