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Facilitated Health & Healing

Intuitive Healing Facilitator 

CranioSacral Therapist

Energy Healer

Licensed Massage Therapist

Meet Cindy Carlton

Cindy is an Intuitive Healing Facilitator, holding space for her clients with lightness and joy, so they feel grounded, energetic, and strong. She believes she serves only as an aid to her clients in their search for healing and health. With focused touch and energy, a person’s body will begin the process of its own healing. With CranioSacral Therapy, energy work, and massage, she turns her intent towards letting the client’s body lead her to what it needs.


What I Specialize In


CranioSacral Therapy

Energy Healing

Somatic Integration

Massage Therapy

Shadow on Concrete Wall

The Journey Towards Health Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

I love working with Cindy. Before seeing her, I had tried many different modalities to help heal from chronic neck and back pain, and none of them have helped me find lasting relief. Cindy is the first person who helped me actually experience where emotions are stored in my body and how they can move through the body. This is a very powerful experience and has helped me to actually feel relief.

- A.K. 

Cindy was a powerful grounding force when I was amidst an awakening. Her gifts are deep and centered.   I was healing a profound injury to my energy body, and her support was invaluable.  I was in awful physical pain while learning energetic boundaries in a deep and new way. Like being in a dessert and finding an oasis, to be able to feel myself and the earth.  In my experience,  Cindy models by her own design,  her nature... centeredness, integration, alignment, health, and empowerment.

- Carie W.

Even with one session I felt my body unwinding, and so much less pain. Within 2 sessions I was pain free and feeling great. I have been seeing her regularly both remote and in person. It's so much more than a bodywork session. The energy work that is combined creates a powerful healing container.  Our bodies hold so much from our experiences. She had helped me so much unwinding the trauma patterns from my body and also discovering my own gifts.

- K.T.

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